Unrequested November 2020 Ohio absentee ballot request forms

Posted By on September 1, 2020

Although we have "requested" Ohio absentee voting ballots before as a convenience or often for being away from the local polls, this is the first time ballots requests forms are just showing up in the mail. If it were any other "let’s try statewide vote by mail year or election," this might be worth sending out, but trying it just before a critical 2020 presidential election is a questionable idea. The election is two months away, we having even had debates yet and I can already see this is a recipe for disaster or coordinated election fraud by whoever chooses to go down the path. Third-world banana republics or Communist dictators have nothing on the USA in 2020. "May the craftiest cheater win." #sarcasm


My point is that if honest citizens receive three ballot requests (two of us live here now) and one is a leftover for our 31 year old son who hasn’t lived here since he went to college in 2008 (that’s 12 years ago) … then I suspect others who move around more frequently are seeing ballots show up too (and I didn’t even register our dog)? To make matters worse, after college, Taylor spent 3 years working and living in North Dakota and then five years ago moved back to Cincinnati … living in East Walnut Hills. If it were not for it being illegal, I’d love to test this to see just how thorough the checks are in determining who is actually mailing back the ballot? My assumption is that whoever has the absentee ballot request in their hands, and appropriate personal information, they could actually have ballots sent to their address and cast another vote?

How does a poll worker/vote counter handle multiple ballots or possible voter fraud?  If someone votes-by-mail "pretending" to be a different person, what happens IF the real voter requests a ballot at a different address or shows up at the local polls to vote?

Do poll workers deny that citizen a right to vote IF someone else sends a ballot in? Do they count all ballots, no ballots or even have the manpower to determine who casts the appropriate legal ballot (Voter ID laws have always made sense to me and make even more sense today.)


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