Music Monday: Social unrest and the 1970s song Chevy Van

Posted By on September 28, 2020


It’s likely the politics and social unrest from a decade of racial tension, the Vietnam quagmire and the impeachment, then resignation, of disgraced President over his involvement and cover-up in Watergate was as upsetting to Americans in the early 1970s as events are today. As as young student the politics of the day should have impacted me than it did, but being a young teen, everything is judged in the context of your experiences and what is normal – and in my case “not” Sammy-Johns-8Track_1977.going to war was better than being sent to fight the Communist expansion in Vietnam (or Korea in my father’s case). Nowadays, as someone who is not a grandfather, I see things through the lens of time and past experiences … both good and ugly. 

That’s a l-o-n-g and questionable segue into today’s Music Monday song, Chevy Van by Sammy Johns. that became a top ten hit in 1975 Chevy_Van_-_Sammy_Johns(recorded previously in 1973 and subsequently several times in country music). The mellow escape-oriented music attracted a lot of young people who were tired of the tempestuous times they were growing up in and at least mentally escaped the “ugly” listening to music. Of course some turned to drugs and others actually made their physical escape by “dropping out” of the societal norms – back to nature, seeing the country living in a van (Chevy or otherwise) or cruising on a small sailboat. Now that made me think of Lin and Larry Pardey and the start to my dreaming and life-long love of sailing/cruising … but I digress, so here’s the song.

  Chevy Van – Sammy Johns | 1975



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