Paintied the hinges and door hardware for the pool changing room

Posted By on September 19, 2020

PoolhousePaintedHingesIt has taken me most of the second half of the summer, but I’m finally finishing the poolhouse changing room … more work than I thought. The damage done by Katelyn’s “late” pet rabbit Pumpy Umpy was significant enough to require lower drywall (greenboard) and all new casing and baseboard trim. Part of my slowdown was the heat of the summer use … but most of it was me just moving from project to project.

This past week I worked on the rusted hinges and screws. Each brass-look hinge was taken off, wire brushed, then cleaned up on my Scotch-Brite wheel. After some Zine-Chromate priming, I added a couple thin coats of Rustoleum brand white gloss paint and did the same for all the once brass looking screw heads. This is a slow process and my wife asked me, “why didn’t you just buy new?” My answer, because they won’t fit the doors and frames.



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