Thinking about sending The Rodent to Columbus

Posted By on July 19, 2013

pumpyumpy130713Over the many years Katelyn has had her rabbit, we (well “I”) have been both the temporary and semi-permanent pet-sitter. The little fellow has spent time in our basement (fortunately not when it flooded) and more recently in the poolhouse.

I refer Pumpy Umpy affectionately as “The Rodent” and have actually grown somewhat attached to him … I even share a my cereal with him. Over the years, he has managed to chew his share of woodwork, drywall, bite a cord or two without getting himself electrocuted and and has shed at least a couple garbage bags full of fur … of which half is probably still floating around in the air!

That said, his time with us is nearing an end since Katelyn and Drew are getting a place ready for him at their house in Columbus. Believe it or not, his cuteness will be missed.


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