Dilemma: What to do with my aging, shredded faux leather, tired foam, squeaking and generally falling apart office chair

Posted By on October 25, 2020

The office chair I’ve used for the passed couple decades has seen better days, but it is still my favorite. The sturdy build is better than most OldOfficeChair201023I’ve seen, the arm pivots up out of the way for desk-work and easily sliding up to type, write, read or clean around. The size fits me well even though the foam has long-ago required an extra cushion and the faux leather has nearly shredded away on the front and sides. I’m sure most people would say, just replace it … they are not that expensive. Unfortunately after looking around, I can’t find one with the sturdiness and features (sturdy pivot arms) and I’m not sure upgrading to an expensive chair at this point is something I want to do?

This leads me to my dilemma, do I take this one apart and attempt to re-foam, re-upholster, fix worn squeaky parts or bother to add premium wheels? Should I attempt to save a 20 year old run-of-the-mill office chair? Hm .. a dilemma.


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