Most parents and grandparents have room for improvement

Posted By on October 11, 2020

GrandparentingWithGraceBookI’m the first to admit, “I have plenty of shortcomings as a parent and grandparent,” … and I don’t think that I’m alone.  That said, focusing on our past mistakes and regret will do little to correct the past, not to mention won’t help our own psyche. LarryEMcCallInstead, we can look forward, learn from the past and improve with BETTER guidance.

In a book from my daughter (and granddaughters) that I’m reading, “Grandparenting With Grace” by Larry E. McCall, a line triggered my thinking as to where I learn my parenting and grandparenting norms. My first thought was from our parents and in-laws and perhaps grandparents. We also get them from as McCall points out, “our society, reinforced by the depictions in various media.” Hm, a quick look at society has me realizing that’s not the place a Christian is going to find the best Godly examples or get the wises guidance.


I’ll keep reading and spending a little more time looking to God’s word and “filtering out” a few of the less edifying examples influencing my “norms” and life.

Since I’m on the topic of grandparenting … I’ll archive an October 2020 photo of my two wonderful and growing granddaughers, Annalyn and Ellerie. (thanks Katelyn!)



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