Santa Mouse slippers, Christmas stories and Echo messages

Posted By on December 12, 2020

AnnalynPuppySlippers201203EllerieReading201201What grandparent doesn’t like getting voice messages (and photos) from their children and grandchildren?

I sure love my granddaughters and enjoy using technology to stay in touch with them during this COVID 2020 year. Brenda, Katelyn, Drew and I use Facetime to talk each weekend, but I particularly enjoy asking questions and getting answers from Annalyn (and eventually Ellerie) on our Amazon Echo devices.

Annalyn, who is now shockingly 3 yrs 9 mo old, is sounding more mature to my ears than in previously archived messages (5/8/2020, 2/28/2019, 2/1/2019). and hope the girls continue doing it. Each time the audio messages leave me with a smile, but a little sad that “Bompa” is now “Grandpa” … and thinking, “she sounds so much older?”

  Annalyn’s Echo message to “Grandpa” | 12/9/2020

Answer to my Echo message to Annalyn:

“Hi Grandpa,
I’m excited for Christmas, and …
Santo Mouse came … (Paw Patrol slippers above)
Love you, bye.

EDIT: Still this GREAT photo of Ellerie was sent by Katelyn after I prepped the above post … I’m including it for the archive and adding to our Kitchen Echo Show.


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