Music Monday: North of the U.S. border with The Guess Who

Posted By on March 15, 2021

GuessWho_AmericanWoman1970_sYou might be forgiven not to know that the 1970 song “American Woman” (and album) was by a Canadian rock band … The Guess Who.


According to Wikipedia, the Winnipeg, Manitoba garage band “originated as Chad Allan and the Reflections in 1962, and adopted the name The Guess Who in 1965.” Since they performed “before I started listening to much music” … AND were psychedelic rock, I didn’t really follow the band. On the other hand, songs and music that made the popular chart though were hard to ignore. “American Woman” was one of them.

  The Guess Who – American Woman | 1970

So for this week’s Music Monday, here’s an old VH1 video and the SiriusXM screenshot that inspired this post.


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