Weekend mailbox project update and Annalyn’s first haircut

Posted By on March 14, 2021


Our old mailbox has lasted 26 years and considering it is cemented into a stone post that mostly matches what is in the neighborhood, replacing it with something else is not a option. A few people have repaired theirs, but it has been an NewMailbox210313expensive process requiring significant masonry work.

Last year about this time, I thought perhaps I was going to have to replace ours after a truck turned around in the driveway and knocked the cap loose. Thankfully I was able to lever it back in place. This time I opted to cut the rusted sheet steel door and NewMailBoxCement210313hinges off with a cutoff grinding wheel and replace it with a better quality cast aluminum version from BetterBox Mailboxes. The new "front" fits the existing opening and old box … which I painted prior to installing.

So Saturday I spent the day with some Quikrete Quick-Setting patching cement and attaching the surround and then finishing it up with the spring loaded full-hinged door. As Brenda commented, “it should now last our lifetime” … unless another delivery truck hits it while running off the driveway. 

In Perrysburg, Annalyn visited the salon for her first haircut (4 years old). Her hair was getting long enough to at least get trimmed, but I’m sure it was tough for Katelyn to have it cut? It seems like just yesterday that she (I think Katelyn was 3-1/2) decided to use scissors to “chop” some of her own hair off … after that, she was stuck with straight across bangs until it grew out again.



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