Worked on some spring yard clean-up over the weekend

Posted By on March 28, 2021


AnnalynIcy210327The 70 degree spring weather, and the high winds last week, begged me to load up the trailer with fallen sticks and starting a small burn pile (still too windy to burn the big pile). A thousand up and down stooping movements and bending-over toe touches has left me sore on Sunday … RichCCleaningUpSelfie210327a sure sign that I’m out of shape as well as getting older. Thankfully it felt good while doing it, but it is a clear indicator that I need to do a little more exercise and try to shed some of the added pounds put on over winter (I am sure that I am not alone).

Although I didn’t get the downed tree in the way-back cut up (the chainsaw ran out of fuel), I did clear the drive and some of the branches. While sitting on the trailer deciding if I should get more gas, I enjoyed a texted photo from Katelyn and Drew walking the girls out to the ice cream truck. When Brenda got home from work, she commented on Annalyn’s photo, “Look at those Corbett eyelashes!”


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