Look for the beautiful Milky Way in the night sky this August

Posted By on August 21, 2021

milky-way-monument-valleyThe Milky Way Over Monument Valley, 2012. APOD/NASA

This was a great Milky Way photo from 2012 and gives me inspiration if Brenda and I ever do a US road trip. I’d love to plan one once we are retired, but road trips and “the journey vs destination” (and inside joke) are really not Brenda’s thing. Unlike me, who could be talked into inching along on an America Route 66 kind of trip, Brenda prefers highlights and checking off the boxes. A race with a goal or an accomplishment. I get it … two kinds of people … and probably a bunch in-between. Anyway .. if you enjoy looking up at the night sky on a clear night (often August) … check out this August Skymap PDF.



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