The “replacing our driveway project” is finally underway $$

Posted By on August 18, 2021

It is a month and a half late, but concrete companies and for that matter most construction companies are very busy this summer. The COVID19pandemic has put most projects behind and perhaps we should be thankful to be on their schedule.

Tearing out (video from Canary Security Cam) and re-concreting a driveway is one of those expensive home maintenance items that is difficult to stomach since you really don’t see anything “new” for your money (it’s a cement driveway!) … and it is just something you drive on and plow snow off of. Still, our has been crumbling in spots for years and definitely needed to be replaced.

In our situation though, we’ll be adding an additional section around the detached garage/poolhouse to make getting vehicles and lawn equipment around to the backyard a little bit easier (won’t have to drive through the garage or in the mud). Still the price tag is hefty enough to make me question my sanity .. but the job estimator tried to sooth me by saying, “at least you are quoted at year’s concrete pricing and this years per yard price is much higher.” #inflation



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