Preparation yardwork for upcoming concrete driveway project

Posted By on June 29, 2021

BeautifulSky210628Beautiful Panarama iPhone7 Evening Sky photo – 6/28/2021

In preparation for the driveway demolition crew to arrive (neighborhood driveway work needs to be done before road repaving), I spent the weekend working to get access around the garage ready for the workers. DrivewayProjectClearing2106I’m not exactly sure where our driveway fits into the schedule, since several neighbors are doing the same thing … our driveways are all 25+ years old now. I’m also planning to add a concrete drive around the detached garage (poolhouse/shop garage) so removing trees, limbs and landscaping brush is essential.

DrivewayCrumbling210628The bigger project for me was in moving the firewood pile … most which is getting old and rotting so the majority was heaped on bonfire pile. Once again, it is growing a little too large for my firebug comfort.

As a “can’t throw anything away” type person, I did end up welding leftover pipes from the kids old trampoline into firewood racks (below … and enjoyed looking at this old 2007 “Birthday Bash” video!). I wish I would have painted the galvanized pipes before stacking wood, but time got away from me this weekend. (alos, for the record, I’m starting to notice “age” as it relates to physical work, sweating and tiring out … and probably have for a while now).



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