How long can the U.S. keep bailing before the ship sinks?

Posted By on January 25, 2022

So … how’s the economy doing in 2022? Well, if you measure it based on the stock market or maybe finding a job (if you want to work) … then the façade looks ok.

EconomyStockMarket2022Dig a little deeper and you’ll find out that your paycheck doesn’t go that far … IF you can find what you are looking for on store shelves. The prices are high and going higher, rents are rising, real estate is way up, energy prices are through the roof … in part due to progressive Democrat’s war on fossil fuels … and big ticket items are even “bigger ticket items” … or in many cases aren’t even available due to chip shortages, pandemic related shipping delays and lack a of workers. Don’t even get me started public education costs, college tuition, insurance and health care … because what was pre-pandemic outrageous, is now unaffordable for the average American family. From the masks to shutdowns to mandates, the failures coming from central planners and politicians in Washington DC this last year are too numerous to list. I think all of us understand and know that sending out more checks (and now free Covid tests) is not the way to run an economy and a country.The Biden administration policies aren’t working and no matter how much they spend and how much propaganda is spinning it, big, inefficient government (an oxymoron) and socialism never works.

I read an economics article towards end of last year when searching for Milton Friedman quotes … and it concluded that the cure for our current government money printing, inflation and excessive spending will not be what “We the People” want to hear.

Inflation happens because someone benefits from it. To stop inflation, you have to stop providing those “rob Peter to pay Paul” benefits, meaning that Paul will be unhappy.


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