Movie night: Watched a good one called “The Big Year” from 2011

Posted By on January 9, 2022

220px-The_Big_Year_PosterIt might not be a current movie (it’s 2011), but it was one neither Brenda or I watched over this past decade, but it was an excellent comedy. The Big Year,” with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black (several others), was exactly what the “doctors” (Katelyn and Drew) ordered over our family Christmas. They mentioned that the movie was available for streaming online and thought we would like it; we did and so … I‘ll recommend it too.


Unfortunately when it came to finding it to stream, neither our Amazon or Netflix subscriptions had it available so I said we would just wait.

Of course waiting is not something Brenda is good at doing … she mandated that we just buy it or rent it. To rescue myfrugalness,” (can’t admit that it is really “cheapness”), Katelyn said, “just watch it on our Disney+ … she may have done Disney a marketing favor and SpinArtmay convince me to switch Netflix for Disney+??? Anyway again … it was a very enjoyable movie and recommended, especially to my Audubon birding friends.

On second topic, here are a couple of the family Christmas over New Year’s Spin Art items my granddaughters left behind for us (a Christmas gift). The girls do enjoy working on artwork, crafty things and all kinds of projects in Bompa’s workshop.


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