Refinishing home office desk project and cutting the lawn

Posted By on May 15, 2022


My weekend chores and projects are in full swing as I cut the lawn longer than usual since it grew fast and thick while we were on vacation. Hopefully after a few cuttings, the thatch will disappear (I’m not fond of raking and hauling to the compose pile).

Early Saturday morning I put the final oil finish on my old antique desk after sanding the top and re-staining the walnut last month. I was purposely gentle with the sanding … just enough to get the old finish and most of the lighter dents and smaller scratches to a minimum. The top is veneer so too much scraping or sanding would be risky … besides, the dings will just be “antique character marks.” All in all it is much improved — after finish (below photo) and after waxing (photo above); this revived desk should last me the rest of my life. It would be interesting to know just how old this desk/table is since it was already and antique when we bought it 35 years ago!



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