Summer storms continue, more COVID and Gilligan’s Island

Posted By on August 6, 2022


Well if one has to stay at home … looking at our backyard “storm is coming” pool photo … and we aren’t to be out and about, there could be worse places to be isolating?

The summer storms continued rolling thru this past week and and after testing positive the previous week, I thought a week later that we would be on the improve and that both of us would be testing negative. Nope, I’m still positive … and since the cough, sore throat and “summer cold-like symptoms” continue, I’m likely still fighting this virus (perhaps I should have opted for calling my doctor about Paxlovid?) CovidTesting220804Brenda is planning retest this weekend since she was positive after me.

The week hasn’t been a total loss since I’ve felt good enough to work in the home office (and on it – putting it back together), mow and trim the lawn, clean the pool and Gilligans_Islandenjoy some evening TV comedy with Brenda; we binge watched about a dozen Gilligan’s Island episodes that I had DVRed some time ago. I need to figure out where to stream them from start to finish without commercials as the song is now earwormed in our heads?


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