Why are these paint brushes are my favorites?

Posted By on August 3, 2022

PaintBrushesFavoritesIt is likely that I’ve used and cleaned over 100 paint brushes in my lifetime … besides the throw-away bristle and foam versions. That said, I find myself gravitating to a couple favorites that I hang over the basement utility sink. These are of the softer full-bodied brushes that hold paint well, brush smooth and can for the most part be cleaned up.

Not being a painter, I’m unsure why they seem to be easier to use and clean, but wish I could find a couple more or remember where they came from??? I suspect the black one was one of Brenda’s dad’s brushes based on the oil based paint still on the bristles, but it still works great for the latex semi-gloss paint that I use on baseboards and trim.

Along with caulking, I should probably spend more time with an expert or at least find a few YouTube video clips to learn more.


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