Brace for Impact, Floridians. Hurricane Ian is here – 9/28/2022

Posted By on September 28, 2022


GovDeSantisIan220927HurricaneIanWindCone220927From way up high, Hurricane Ian is a much more attractive (ani-gif above) … but suspect those Ian left under water and in its storm ravaged path in western Cuba … AND has nearly everyone in Florida chewing their nails while they brace for impact. (residents need a “Miracle on the Hudson” moment)

Governor DeSantis of Florida laid out the preparation plans in place and gave a final piece of advice when I watched him over lunch today: We can’t unring the bell if you stay and you end up getting washed away.”


09/29/2022 – Fort Myers Beach, FL on Thursday afternoon. Tried to add as a Disqus comment but obviously, the video is not supported (credit: Max Olson – Ft Myers Beach is effectively gone, almost no emergency crews yet. These poor people need so much help….


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