Tech Friday: Grumbling about my Parallels subscription

Posted By on November 3, 2023

LegacyFor years I’ve been running Parallels on my iMac after switching from Bootcamp on the old Mac Mini. It has been a love -hate relationship, but I’ve sort of always Parallels logoneeded to run Microsoft Windows. Since adding the MacBook Air M2 without Parallels or a Windows10 option, I’ve learned to function fairly well without “at least” and everyday need to run an OS other than MacOS. 

For the few items I do still need a Windows machine to do, I can still boot up my old Lenovo notebook, but then again .. who really wants to maintain another operation system or update to the latest Windows11? So as my Parallels subscription is up for renewal this November, I’ve decided to say goodbye … likely because they have upped the price this year to a $69.99 annual renewal. Nope … I’m going to say goodbye and hope that it is not needed again.

Purchases after subscription based Parallels


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