Walking the beach in Florida and a “Big Eye” #TBT moment

Posted By on January 25, 2024

Big EYEA post from over a decade ago highlighted a beach find that was rather unique for the east coast of Florida … a BIG eye … so figure for this ThrowBack Thursday #TBT it would be a way to then comment on a Portuguese Man O’ War spawn this week along Delray Beach.

Although there were thousands of tiny Portuguese Man O’ Wars washed up on the beach (difficult on to step on them while walking), there were not quite as many larger ones with the stinging tenacles. Still one of them had the longest strings of tenacles that I’ve ever seen on the beach. I walked it off to about 11 feet … although Brenda thinks if I would have straightened it out that it would have been 12! 

Shell and Man O War Spawn Man O' War 11 foot tentacles

All in all it, walking the beach in the low 70s was much preferred to the cold weather followed by “rain train” in Cincinnati this week. 😉 


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