President Bush addresses troops and nation

Posted By on June 29, 2005

President Bush Greets Airbourne Troops

The President of the United States addressed the nation on Tuesday night (June 28, 2005) and outlined the continuing War on Terror. (right-click and save-as this MP3 audio to listen) The polite and respectful Airbourne Army troops at Fort Bragg, NC hosted their commander in chief and listened intently to the accurate review and complementary statements President Bush communicated to both the personnel of the armed forces and the American people.

Interestingly President Bush has remain steadfast to his plan and continues to believe that those serving will look back at Afghanistan and Iraq as keys to peace and instrumental in democracy for millions. Those serving are doing exactly as asked and securing our nation. The President quickly connected those insurgents (Iraqi or foreign) to terrorist that hated Americans and democracy and likened them to those attacking New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania on 9/11. He posed the question, “Is the sacrifice worth it?” and answered, “It is worth it and it is vital to the security of our country.” Despite the violent campaign by the terrorists that continues, he said, they (the terrorist) are no “closer to achieving their strategic objectives.” The conclusion that many have made is that we either fight them in Iraq and Afghanistan or wait for them to strike America.

Most of us need a reminder that although the terrorist that we have captured from from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and other nations are striking in Iraq, that they have yet to successfully target civilians here in the United States again. Those charged with protecting the nation can take pride in that; be they our elected officials, military men and women taking the fight to the terrorist, the coast guard and harbor patrols protecting our borders, airports and airlines, police and undercover agents or the electronic intelligence community. Reflecting on the years since 9/11, I am impressed at how well this multi-pronged defense and offense has protected our people, yet am concerned in seeing the numbers of radicals that are recruited as terrorist in Iraq. Thankfully as our President reminded us, our enemy is no “closer to achieving their strategic objectives.”

In answering the many calls for timetables, deadlines and the removal of our troops from Iraq, the President said a timetable would be “a serious mistake” that could demoralize Iraqis and American troops and embolden the enemy. “America will not leave before the job is done.” He also said sending more troops would undermine the U.S. strategy and that “Sending more Americans would suggest that we intend to stay forever.” He will send precisely what is asked for by the general in Iraq. In one especially accurate line, President Bush stated “Our progress has been uneven – but progress is being made.” His timetable for our troops coming home was represented with a memerable statement, “We have a clear path forward,” he said. “As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.”

I thought the speech and where it was delivered was one of the President’s best … and the time to deliver it was overdo. I know the adminstration would have liked to have shared better news and show us an end, especially for the soldiers and their familys, but updating and reinforcing the clear resolve is important too. One of the interviews after the president’s speech that I found most interesting was that of retired General Wesley Clark. (right click and save-as Clark/Hume MP3 audio response) It would be great if all Democrats (and others) that have differences with the current administration would handle themselves as he does. There is no question he disagrees, but there is also no question that he puts Americans and America first. More should emulate Wesley Clark rather than subverting our nation’s mission.


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