Cardinals beat Rangers in World Series game 6

Posted By on October 28, 2011

Although I missed the first two World Series games, I’ve enjoyed the last several games and game 6 was no exception. The St. Louis Cardinals started strong, then faltered … then came back to stay alive and win. In the end the back and forth ties eventually saw the strong St. Louis bats win out on an early morning home run by David Freese. It was the “best game of the season” going 11 innings – a classic World Series game. (Final score: STL 10 – TEX 9) The great series will end with game 7 tomorrow night … I know what I’m doing!

But tonight I can’t help think about the passing of my friend Scott Bilik’s mother.  His parents from the midwest were visiting Scott and his family in New Hampshire and were fortunate to be with their caring son. In the end his mom’s cancer had spread and the short hospital stay quick … and hopefully with reduced pain (meds). I’m sure there is comfort knowing she is now eternally without pain. (link)


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