VW Jetta TDI Door damage follow up

Posted By on October 29, 2006

Daughter's VW Jetta TDI repaired
The repair to my daughter’s VW Jetta TDI tallied at about $700, acceptable considering the initial body shop estimate was $1530. (see prior post) We were able to avoid a clear coat repair paint job by picking up a closely matching door at the highly recommended Brim Import Auto. (15363 County Road 140 East, Kenton, Ohio — Phone: 800.221.3874) Although some felt the old door could have been repaired and repainted, we opted to put a new door on the hinges.

Considering that there was impact damaged the structural beam inside the door, and that my daughter will be driving this car, I’m much more comfortable with a new door. Perhaps someday we’ll take care of the other dings and chips and give this great little car some new paint?

Door Repair
Photo taken with Palm Treo 700p smartphone


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