Terrorist Strike London

Posted By on July 7, 2005

London Bombing Bus

The comment from a shaky Abigail Milner (15 meters from a London blast) asked the question poised by many: “Why?”

It is difficult to understand the desire terrorist choosing to kill civilians in exposing their hate for our way of life. It only proves to continually show their cold blooded murdering ways throughout the world. At some point those building democratic governments with assistance of coalitions actions, will value freedom for their children and be the biggest help in this war. Stay the course as it is one that will eventually be the way to defeat worldwide terror.

For those of ‘ours’ on the front lines combating terror … please keep the pressure on those committing these atrocities and stamp out those spreading their idiologies. If you needed a shot in the arm to continuing your mission, these kinds of heartless actions by our enemies should help your resolve that your battle is honorable.

The fight is not only against the insurgents in Iraq and Afganistan (or the special forces missions), but a fight to eliminate the training of terrorist and their leaders from preventing these kinds of attacks. (including those in a defensive posture here at home) Passivism that believes these horrific terrorist actions will stop if we backdown and disengage from the places terrorists are most active, IMHO would only give a free pass for growing and continuing even bigger and more damaging attacks. Let’s use these cowardly acts to step up the fight, build an even more agressive coalition of those respecting human life to eliminate those chosing violence against civilians. As Britian’s Prime Minister stated this morning, “We shall prevail, and they shall not.”


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