Lakota East High School Prom 2008

Posted By on May 4, 2008

Its been a busy weekend as my son Taylor‘s Lakota East High School prom was Saturday night at the Cincinnati Convention Center, followed by early morning after prom back at the high school. (I’m tired and I didn’t even chaperon!) During an early morning conversation with the gang, who departed from our house by a large limousine for downtown Cincinnati, all said they had a great time … and all were together and safe too. Taylor was impressed by the smart choice of a pasta-oriented meal and the mood-oriented lighting during the music; he said it was better than other proms.

Mike, Karen, Jen & Taylor
Although, the weather was questionable early on Saturday, by late afternoon the sun was shining and it was a near-perfect afternoon for tuxedos and beautiful dresses. The limo was back to our house by 12:30 to change and head off to the high school for the New York-themed “fun” event. Taylor and his date said it was fun although they were dead tired after returning home. Several in the group crashed in the basement and are just now getting up.
Limo in limo Ready for Prom
Even the parents had a good time enjoying watching their ‘well dress’ kids young adults leave for prom. This one will be our last … hmm?
… and because I suspect Tom will be reading this, I’ll include this photo of a couple “old men” and their sons!

Tom, Mike, Taylor and Rich
Click photos for larger if you really want a copy. 🙂


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