Gasoline prices up / Alternator woes

Posted By on May 5, 2007

Flying J on Thursday, May 3rd

I tried to post this on Thursday from my cellphone camera, but unfortunately, it didn’t post? Hmm …
Thursday continued the move higher in ‘gasoline’ prices and unfortunately for me I was driving our gasoline burning Honda Pilot. On my way to Northeast Ohio I looked and looked for cheaper gas and ended up filling at the I-71 Jeffersonville, Ohio Flying J. (above) It was the lowest price posted anywhere along my route as many stations were displaying $3.19/gallon. On a positive note, I did manage to squeeze out 22.1 mpg. (unfortunately in the two fill-ups I managed to spend $100.00 on fuel!)

AlternatorOne of the reasons I didn’t take the VW TDI this week is because the bearing in my alternator is going. Its twice as bad now, but I tried a little WMV video with my Treo 700p. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the squealing bearing start after a few seconds. I ordered a Bosch 120A alternator from World Impex … thankfully this is the weekend of the Impexfest IV and I’m taking advantage of the discount and having a friend bring it back to save shipping … it’s still costing $205. (thank Bruce)


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