Are small diesels the best hope for conserving fuel?

Posted By on September 29, 2005

Car Buyers Notebook
Frank Giovinazzi in his 9/29 podcast on Car Buyers Notebook discusses VW Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder strong statement in January of ’05 that “diesels were the best hope for conserving petroleum.”

Recently, Frank reviewed a Ford 250 Powerstroke diesel and that got me fired up to write him about our VW TDIs. I know he is in California, but his 52,000 listeners are all over the country. Anyway he was quick to comment with the same questions all of us wonder … with such great cars, weak sales, gas prices and one of the only US players in the diesel car market … why doesn’t VW market TDIs better in the US?

I don’t believe Frank Giovinazzi has enough hands on experience to comment knowledgeably about VW TDIs, but I enjoyed hearing him reply via podcast anyway. 🙂 He is currently stuck on a ‘bigger is better’ trend … it will change. (click here to listen to his .mp3 podcast)


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