Across the USA on one tank – 330MPG

Posted By on January 22, 2006

Engineers and builders at Accelerated Composites LCC in San Diego, CA are well into their strange looking Aptera prototype designed to get up to 330 miles on a gallon according to their studies. The two seat hybrid car is a prototype built of lightweight composites that they intend to market for under $20,000.

The engineers designing this hypermiler believe that the car will drive similar to the Honda Insight and through the use of “cutting-edge materials, manufacturing methods, and the maverick design.” This aerodynamic design will give the Aptera the lowest drag form factor than any car in the world according to Accelerated Composites founder and CEO Steve Fambro. It has receive interesting comments ranging from it looks like a dolphin or “does it fly too?” One thing for sure Mr. Fambro says, “looks like nothing you’ve ever seen.” (click for a larger photo)

Although aerodynamics are important, reducing weight is important too. The composite using in this car will make it the lightest two seater on the road and still offer a “crash box” similar to Formula One race cars.

The composite company is using their company’s patent-pending “Panelized Automated Composite Construction.” Accelerated Composites, LLC refers to this as PAC2© and it lends itself to parallel assembly. They will use off the shelve engines and electric motors with patented hybrid circuitry. Composites make perfect sense in the automotive industry but very few are redesigning their factories and their huge investment.

It will be interesting to see if it actually can achieve 330MPG?


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