Office and guest bedroom hardwood flooring progress

Posted By on April 28, 2022

FloorsPlasticSanding220426In keeping with personal home project updating, our hardwood flooring has been moving along this week. The guys are making a mess sanding … but doing their best to contain dust. We are hoping for a stain-match to our existing oak floors, but in any case, the guest bedroom and office are taking shape. Unfortunately I know where this update is going: Next we’ll need to update the “Jack and Jill” bath between the office and bedroom. Ugh $$$!

All in all, I’m happy that Brenda talked me into replacing the carpeting with oak to match our first floor and I know that once things are finished up, it will be great to have a hardwood floored place to work.


Currently I’m thinking about ordering a new Vitrazza, or other brand, of“glass” chair mat rather than the plastic I’ve always had to protect the floors … and Brenda has her eyes set on finding a new rug to go under the antique table/desk (it has been my desk for nearly 40 years). It is also obvious that I need a new desk chair or at least some kind of recovering, but won’t rush that purchase (as my kids know … I’ll be looking for a deal and don’t give up easily on a 20+ year old chair. Ha!). Personally though, I really like my current heavily constructed framed desk chair … even if the vinyl and foam was cheap and failed a decade ago. Maybe reupholstering is an option (photos below).




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