Traveling, traffic, Moscovy ducks and another kitchen update

Posted By on April 29, 2018

TrafficJamLongDriveDon’t you just hate making a long drive and getting stuck in a long traffic jam? This past week I ended up sitting and inching forward for over an hour while on I-75. It was frustrating knowing just how many more hours I was planning to spend on the road.


On a much lighter note, I learned a little more about the feral Muscovy duck … they can sit (perch) in trees (photo above) … something I didn’t know they could do. Huh?

My week away was part boat checking (no real work and forgot to update 2018 registration sticker) Condo1718_Kitchen1stDrywaland mostly work on the kitchen remodeling at our Delray Beach condo this off season. Hopefully I have most of the work done before putting the hurricane shutters on this summer and closing it up for the season. Unfortunately the new drywall ceiling and electrical work this trip down is taking longer than planned … ceiling drywall is definitely not a do-it-yourself ALONE kind of job! Ugh.

Work on the condo aside … I still enjoyed a couple beautiful Florida sunsets.



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