Caribou Coffee needs a “hitching post”

Posted By on March 6, 2006

Caribou Coffee and WC Police
Do we need to petition our community for a “hitching post” at the local Caribou Coffee Shop in West Chester, Ohio?

How does that saying go … “the more things change (and they certainly have in our community!), the more they stay the same.” Seeing people on horseback trotting around Liberty Township was probably commonplace a little over a century ago, but it looks a little out of place in the hustle and bustle around here nowadays. At any rate, having a conspicuous police presence as a deterrent to crime is wise and the visablity of police on horseback even better (really noticeable IMHO) … besides with the amount of traffic in this high grow area it might actually be easier to get around?

West Chester\'s Mounted Finest
I’ve noticed that the sunshine and warming temperatures seems to be drawing out locals and mounted police alike; might it be a sign that spring is on its way?

The horseback patrols that the West Chester Ohio Police Department uses are ideal for overseeing the many retail stores, parking lots and restaurants that surround the 330 acre park that use to be a Voice of America relay station.
VOA LayoutIf you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the developing park, the sunshine and warmer temperature would make for a great opportunity to stretch you legs as there is an excellent walking path as well as a variety of fields for sports, pets and even competitive remote controlled sailing fleets! The Voice of America Park and Museum is just off I-75 north of Cincinnati and was establish after the decommissioning of the VOA Bethany Station in September of 1995. This unique broadcasting facility looked like a giant pin cushion in its prime as the acreage bristled with huge towers an miles of wire. The facility served to broadcast shortwave radio to all corners of the world for more than 50 years. In its day, it was the means to communicate the message of freedom and democracy people around the world. It provided an important like for people oppressed by communism during the cold war and is credited with playing an important role in the colapse of the Soviet Union during the 1980s. With that reasoning, the new Butler County park was aptly named, “Ronald Reagan Voice of Freedom Park.”
Caribou Coffee Map

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