VW’s Bugatti Veyron

Posted By on March 5, 2006

BugattiVolkswagen purchased the Bugatti name in 1998 and in September of 2005 announced that it would begin producing a limited number of extrodinary sports cars costing well over a million dollars each. (and there’s a waiting list to buy them!) After announcing the chosen name ‘Veyron’ at the Tokyo auto show in 1999, the engineering team has suffered several setbacks from performance related accidents to high speed overheating problems.

Currently there is one vehicle in North American, of which a lucky few gets test rides. (see video below) According to VW, limited production models will begin arriving to customers later this year. The Veyron has a multi turbo charger equipped 16-cylinder engine developing 1001-horsepower and it powers an all wheel drive system that is styled around a carbon-fiber body. The car is said to be capable of 250 miles per hour and will most likely be admired by anyone who like cars.

If you appreciate the revival of historic names, this model will do the 1910 thru 1956 Bugatti models justice. The original European classics were high-performance cars at the time and they are admired by many car lovers around the world; the new Veyron most likely will do the same.

FoxNews Bugatti Test ‘Ride’


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