Loremo … economy diesel for 2009

Posted By on March 7, 2006

The Loremo isn’t due out until 2009 according to Gerhard Heilmaier, but this radical new sports car is making many in the automotive engineering world turn their heads. The Loremo is designed to be a low resistance vehicle and offers efficiency beating most anything on the road while remaining stylish and sporty. Most economy models sacrifice performance for high miles per gallon, but the Loremo GT version with a 50HP 3 cylinder turbo diesel can zip to 100km/h (approx 60mph) in 9 seconds and still get an estimated 85mpg. For the super thrifty, get your order in for the LS version which comes with a smaller 2 cylinder 20HP turbo diesel and will go nearly 150 mpg.

The company founders believe that all cars of the future will have to be more efficient, and therefore that was the prime reason for reducing the weight of their vehicles. The 450kg automobile will be in a 2+2 airdynamic shape that has a drag coefficient of .20 or ‘cw x a of .22.’ The composite vehicle is also engineered for safely and does away with the traditional doors; you climb in like a ‘bathtub’ according to the company.

Check out the company’s website and click below for a 3-D ‘quicktime’ around the Loreno.

Loreno 3D Walkaround


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