Indy 500 to showcase Ethanol

Posted By on May 23, 2006

Jimmy Kite Ethanol Car #91
We’re five day away from the 9oth running of the Indianapolis 500 and the clean fuel advocates will have an opportunity to see Ethanol introduced at the brickyard. This year’s race is on May 28th and will showcase IRL cars running a blend of 90% Methanol and 10% Ethanol. This ‘home grown’ fuel choice has been a long time in coming and has been promoted by many in the “grass roots” (pun intended) community including the late Paul Dana who died in a crash earlier this year. The most promising note for those supporting renewable fuels is that the 2007 season is slated to run entirely on 100% Ethanol. The PBS program Motorweek hosted by John Davis acknowledged Paul Dana’s contribution and the Indy Racing League showcasing Ethanol.

Motorweek Segment on Ethanol and Paul Dana


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