Newly wedded Rachel and David Skinner on May 31, 2015

Posted By on June 2, 2015

DavidRachelSkinner150531It was a busy weekend as our family was in town to celebrate my nephew David and Rachel’s wedding just south of Cincinnati in Lakeside Park, Kentucky. The beautiful ceremony was held under a tent in the backyard of their home with close friends and family. Everything was artistic and couldn’t have been nicer.

One of the pluses to the happy times like weddings, is that we’re able to see most of our busy family. Katelyn and Taylor were with us (unfortunately Drew was on call and working in Minneapolis) and most of the cousins on Brenda’s side were able to be there as well. They all really enjoy being together and remember fondly the many times together growing up in a close family. What a great weekend.

KatelynTaylor150531 RichBrenda_150531

Rich, Brenda, Katelyn and Taylor (May 31, 2015)

NollieJerryRachelDavid15053 RachelDavidSkinner150531


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