More “remnants of rural” are disappearing in Liberty Twp, OH

Posted By on May 30, 2024

Barn pile of lumber Taylor's photo of property

Another reminder that Liberty Township, Ohio is becoming less rural and a bit more suburban as the years go by. Commercial development is creeping closer to our neighborhood as the barn has been torn down after the passing of our farmer (turned doghouse builder) during COVID. ☹️ 

I thought for a moment that a new family “renting” it might buy and fix it up, but that was not to be … it sold to a newly formed LLC run by Gregory Dixon, the CEO of Hillandale Communities. I suspect something to do with outpatient services??? It could be worse.

Barn demolished

Thankfully it is through the backyard trees and across the road from us, but still gives me pause. Hm .. like Sheldon Cooper on Young Sheldon and the Big Bang Theory, I do not do well with change. 

EDIT ADD 6/4/2024: The farmhouse is now gone too. ☹️ 

Farmhouse gone on 6/4/2024


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