Payment processing: Testing Square’s link tool with a Monocle

Posted By on May 31, 2020

Having used Paypal‘s simple sales link solution to sell a product or raise money for an organization in the past (EAA284 and CinciTDI) .. I’m always looking for a better way (cheaper way) to handle transactions. Back in the early days of having a retail presence with my printing company, we were handcuffed to credit card processors and their terminal leases, monthly fees, per transaction AND PERCENT OF SALE fees. It was always a struggle to stay on top of this. At the time, American Express always dinged the merchant the most, yet some of my best regular customers would pay for their sales literature with their “business issued” Amex card –– bigger sale, bigger percentage ding for me.

Once Consolidated Printing and Publishing Co. gave up the walk-in business, there wasn’t a need for the terminal … and about that time it was getting easier to use mobile phones and devices to begin handling transaction. Ebay‘s Paypal (before spinning off) became the easiest way to handle a delivery and on-site sale. I used it a “little bit” in business, but a lot for organizations. Eventually Square came around and became my go to point-of-sale “terminal” tool –  the swipe dongle works well with the iPad (or iPhone).

  Hogan’s Heroes March – Jerry Fielding (mp3)

Paypal continued to offer their service too, but at that time the percentage take was a little higher and the convenience of using Square for business and Paypal for organizations kept things clean and simple.  I’m not sure what it is as of this writing which is the better deal.

Square has recently been marketing their simple web-link tool for sales and donations, so before using it for real, I’ll test it here by offering a knock-off monocle to one random lucky person who donate something to my test (yes, the Col Klink looking “thing” from Hogan’s Heroes) . So if you are feeling lucky and can spare a buck to test this linkand always wanted a monocle … here’s your chance (link above vs embed test code below). 

Donate to MDB knowing only one random person will win the coveted Monocle


Might as well include a well done Hogan’s Heroes cast members video wtih the theme song for those who don’t remember the classic and well love television comedy from the late 1960s.


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