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Posted By on May 10, 2006

Butler County Part-time JudgesI came across a nicely organized start up website today that deserves a quick look. Benjamin Turner, a student studying mechanical engineering, runs the site The Ethanol Source. His purpose is to help ordinary citizens produce a fuel (ethanol in this case) that will run in the E85 capable flex fuel vehicles. His goal is to offer the expertise, equipment and confidence so that individuals can opt for environmentally friendly fuels. He indicates support of other biofuels besides ethanol, and is looking for ways his process and site can be used with other alternative such as biodiesel. (the primary catalyst is currently methanol — which could be replace with home grown and produced ethanol.)

Mr. Turner’s site centers around three core components: 1) Main: A homepage with newsy information, 2) Library: a wiki built to archive information in an organized fashion by several editors and authors, and 3) Catalog: an OSCommerce online store/catalog offering products associated with the site.

I wanted to take a moment to compliment Benjamin on stepping out and creating a clean and well prepared ‘core’ that I hope he will be able to maintain and build upon. I wish him well and plan to add a permanent link on my blog. He is off to a great start.


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