Sprint Treo 700p launch date?

Posted By on May 10, 2006

Sprint Launch Treo 700
The rumored mid-May launch of the Treo 700p Smartphone by Sprint look as if it might be towards the end of the month now. Who knows if this PDF Sprint “Launch Planner” calendar has accurate dates, but if it is to be believed … May 28th looks about right.
EDIT: Engadget reported this story too, then an update indicating the Palm 700p might be released on May 15th. Rumors … you’ve gotta love them!

The Treo 700p has been long rumored and will follow Verizons exclusive introduction of the Palm Treo 700w — the first Windows powered version of the Treo. Treo Smartphone users have been using the extremely popular Treo 650 which competes for ‘best of breed’ the PDA/phone combo. The Treo was the first widely accepted unit that merged a full Palm PDA, keyboard and quality cell phone and has built their hardware future around this concept.
Palm Chart
Shares of Palm have doubled in the past year as they have successfully taken business from RIM (Blackberry) due to a long patent struggle.

Profile of PalmOne:

Palm, Inc. engages in the development, marketing, and sale of mobile computing and communication solutions worldwide. The company offers handheld computers, mobile communication devices, and mobile managers, as well as software, services, and accessories. It offers the Zire, Tungsten, LifeDrive, and Treo lines of mobile computing devices, as well as related add-ons and accessories. Palm’s products feature wireless communication capabilities, such as Bluetooth, wireless fidelity, code-division multiple access, global system for mobile communications to enable messaging, email, Web browsing, and wireless ActiveSync; multimedia features, that enable users to capture and view photos, capture and view video clips, watch feature length movies, and listen to MP3 music; an infrared port for exchanging information between devices; a secure multimedia card (SD/MMC) slot for stamp-sized expansion cards for storage, content, and input/output devices; data synchronization technology that enable the device to synchronize with desktop applications, such as Microsoft Outlook; and productivity software, which allows users to create, view, and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, as well as view and share PowerPoint presentations. Its add-ons and accessories include portable keyboards; SD/MMC expansion cards for storage and content; modems; and carrying cases. The company sells its products to distributors, retailers, e-tailers, resellers, and wireless carriers through its sales force; and directly to end users through its retail and online stores. The company was founded in 1992 as Palm Computing, Inc. and changed its name to Palm, Inc. in 1999. Further, it changed its name to palmOne, Inc. in 2003 and back to Palm, Inc. in July 2005. Palm, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


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