JatroDiesel has equipment in place

Posted By on July 2, 2006

JatrodieselBiodiesel Magazine had an update on JatroDiesel, a Mason Ohio based company, in its June 2006 issue. The facility under construction in Miamisburg Ohio, just outside of Dayton, is nearly completed and has some biodiesel buyers already in place according to Rajesh Mosali, chief executive officer of JatroDiesel. JatroDiesel’s process is somewhat unique as their plant will not use water in the production process which according to the company increases the shelf life of the final product. “A major advantage that we carry is that we are also the equipment manufacturer” states Mosali. The article reveals that the JatroDiesel plant will have multi-feedstock processing capabilities, but will use mostly yellow grease and soybean oil. The company will also run a cooking oil recycling service for area restaurants. Bunge, a soybean crusher and oil blender, and Darling International, a recycler and renderer of animal waste products, will provide additional feedstock. Mosali also indicated that the JatroDiesel facility will also have a testing laboratory on-site “to guarantee fuel will meet the requirements specified by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM).” Also the company indicated that they have identified two more plant sites for future projects.


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