New Speed record for a VW TDI in New Zealand

Posted By on August 1, 2006

Oreilly's TDIHere’s an update on Maurice O’Reilly’s high speed record attempts with a Volkwagen Jetta 1.9 liter TDI diesel. On Saturday and Sunday (July 29 & 30th) he set four records at Goudies Road in Rerewhakaitu New Zealand according to reports. The previous diesel record for this run was topped by 40km/h and is now Mr. O’Reilly’s at 232.1245km/h. (144.5416mph) Although I don’t know specifics in regard to what it takes to set a “Diesel Speed Record for the flying kilometre,” the new record is impressive and obviously requires a correctly tuned TDI and the right fuels? (I’ll await a reply from the club secretary in hopes of an explanation)

Congratulations to the team and driver Maurice O’Reilly for showing the world exactly what a 1.9 liter turbocharged DIESEL can do. For more on this run, see


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