Honda Element Commercial: “I Pinch …”

Posted By on August 27, 2006

I PinchEvery once in a while I enjoy posting something that tickles my funny bone. The Crab vs. Element clip is definitely a cute 30 second commercial. Honda would be smart to bring the creative Element and Friends TV “Crab” TV commercial to a few select markets … if not nationwide. I think it would be a hit? The California based Crab, call him “Gil,” has his own petition site that has over 12,000 online entries and even his own MySpace page. From what I can tell, there were a few others, but none quite as good as the Crab in my opinion.

Interestingly the 30 second internet posted video has been uploaded multiple times to YouTube as well as other video hosting sites and of course I’m doing my part too. Taylor Surfing on KauaiThe creative clip is short, cute and currently in sync with the internet oriented flash graphics found on many aspiring animated computer art sites. Even if it doesn’t get a spot on regular TV, its free publicity for the Honda Element on the internet. I believe it will appeal to the Honda Element ‘light’ SUV kind of buyer — especially the fun-loving young twenties crowd? I haven’t shown it to my beach loving surfer son (photo above from our Hawaii trip last week), but expect that at age 17 he’ll probably start looking at the Honda Element as a wish list car? I can hear it now … it would be perfect for college Dad!

Here is the link to the YouTube version of the clip, but you can watch a streaming Quicktime version below or download all of them by a right-click/save-as: Crab, Burro, Opossum, Platypus and Rabbit.


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