John Kerry ‘Smart Bomb’ fall out

Posted By on November 3, 2006

New York Post features photoThe ‘fall out’ from John Kerry’s gaffe on Monday is blitzing across the country and has made its way to and now back from Iraq in a photo message. Some creative and obviously politically active soldiers have made their voices heard in a big way … and the photo is worth a thousand words. Since the ‘strike one and two’ on Monday and Tuesday, the Democrats and John Kerry team have been spending their time on defense rather than offense as the mid-term election looms in less than a week. John Kerry should be thankful that he is not up for re-election as most Democrats who were once seeking his support have canceled his campaign trail visits. If the debate over Iraq wasn’t so serious, one might find it humorous to watch a lifetime politician digging himself into a hole.

Troop send message to John Kerry


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