Donna Lange: Back to sea on Friday

Posted By on January 27, 2007

Donna Lange back at sea
After several days ashore at the tip of Argentina, Donna Lange is back at sea and continuing her solo sail north continuing her around the world voyage towards home. (see previous posts) Her Friday log indicated that getting back ‘out’ to sea is challenging — especially having to maintain a constant hand on the helm. She comments reflective on the beauty of the sea and the sky and that it “lessens the frustration with the driving.”

It was about an hour after i had gotten free from the shore when i was graced with the accompaniment of a pod of black and white dolphins. As I played tunes on my whistle they seemed to draw near. the water was so clear i could see the detail of their coloring, but more so, as they came near the surface, they each would roll their head to the side and look straight into my eyes. This was magic…they saw me. Never has this happened. We met gazes. A bit later a single dolphin came by and I played for it a while. …I was comforted. I had seen a full rainbow the night before on the way to Puerto Williams.

Check in with Donna at or a new site being created to support some of her favorite causes, (under construction).


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