Donna Lange Makes Landfall

Solo ’round-the-world sailor Donna Lange is safely at anchor west of the Panama Canal after lousy weather stymied her non-stop circumnavigation via the Cape Horn. She detoured after suffering damage and lose of her electronics and will head for a Rhode Island completion after passing through the canal. Her initial plan was to be the […]

Donna Lange struggling with heavy weather nearing Cape Horn

One of my long time sailing acquaintances is Donna Lange who has been sailing her small boat Inspired Insanity around the world for a second time. Earlier I posted her progress, but this past weekend while closing in on the treacherous Cape Horn, she was knocked down twice and is struggling to move north to […]

Donna Lange Keepin’ On sailing south near west African coast

A few years back I was somewhat attentive to following a sailing friend, Donna Lange, complete her solo sail around the world. I’ve been less tuned in on her “Sail Twice Around” voyage due to being more focused on my wife’s injury and father’s passing. It is time to catch up a little bit. Donna […]

Sailor Donna Lange prepares for her Sail Twice Around

  One of my sailing acquaintances, Donna Lange, is preparing to sail around the world for the second time (news story) beginning in late-July. She’ll leave Rhode Island planning to solo circumnavigate non-stop via Cape Hope (South America), the southern oceans south of New Zealand and Australia and then around Cape Horn (Africa) back to […]

Solo sailor Donna Lange wakes up on the beach in NC

A few years ago Donna Lange sailed alone around the world on her small well built Southern Cross 28 sailboat (see PDF Brochure). I enjoyed staying in touch with her and posting on my blog. Brenda and I also enjoyed catching up with her as well last year in Annapolis for a boatshow and get […]

Donna Lange on the cover of Ocean Navigator

Click for larger or largest image I just noticed that my friend Donna Lange (see previous posts) was pictured on the cover of Ocean Navigator Magazine last month. The photo was taken as she was heading into Bristol, Rhode Island after completing a solo circumnavigation aboard her small 28 foot sailboat ‘Inspired Insanity’ in the […]

Donna Lange at the 2007 Bristol, RI Boat Show

Donna Lange and her boat “Inspired Insanity” will be at the Bristol Boat Show in Rhode Island on June 2nd and 3rd for those interested; perhaps this will be a final update until Donna’s book is published? She will be at the Boat show and will greet all who are interested, as well as entertaining […]

Donna Lange has finished her voyage

Solo circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange and “Inspired Insanity” are safely on a mooring in Bristol, Rhode Island. She and her boat are home after spending 300 days at sea and sailing her 28 foot Southern Cross boat 31,400 nautical miles. It was a treat to be ‘tuning’ in by email each day; I’m going to […]

Donna Lange sailing towards home

Those occasionally reading my blog have no doubt seen a post or two on solo circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange, well today is no exception as she is only a few days from Bristol, Rhode Island. After facing a nasty blow in April [1] [2][3], Donna was forced to hole up and make repairs in Bermuda. […]

Donna Lange celebrated in Bristol, Rhode Island

From all accounts and an email from Donna, the festivities in Bristol were pretty humbling or as she herself writes: “Life is beyond amazing at this point. The events happening are surreal. Someone pinch me.” The past week has been a whirlwind for Donna Lange, as she managed to give speeches, share some music and […]

Officially “Donna Lange Day” April 28th in RI

For those of you keeping up with Donna Lange and her solo circumnavigation here and elsewhere, she is visiting the Rhode Island Statehouse today in preparation for a welcome home celebration on Saturday in Bristol, RI. Officials in the state have declared April 28th “Donna Lange Day” — how cool is that? Following her visit […]

Donna Lange: Safe and sound in Bermuda

Who would have ‘thunk’ that a world circumnavigating sailor with over 30,000 sailing miles under her keel would face the storm of her life only days from home? (I’ll include a summary from Brian Oatley helping her into Bermuda below) If you’ve been following my posts on Donna Lange, or checking in over at the […]

Donna Lange’s amazing strength and courage

Sorry readers, but my heart is telling me to share the ongoing ordeal that solo sailing Donna Lange continues to face. Her log posts shares and amazing story of seawomanship, strength and courage. (with a few miles of experience to help her through) I’ll preface her recent log entry with heavy weather sailing practices that […]

Donna Lange fights for her boat and life

Donna Lange, the solo circumnavigating sailor, has faced some challenging weather in her voyage around the world, and although she is closing in on home, the ocean is not finished with her yet. Today’s log entry is about as hair raising as it can get as she detailed last nights wicked wind and waves. I’ll […]

Donna Lange facing another gale

An Atlantic storm has put Donna Lange‘s landfall on April 21st; April 28th is now her official homecoming in Bristol Rhode Island. The northern hemisphere has brought a final gale and severe weather her way and her 28 foot sailboat Insanity Island is receiving one final battering. Although she has proven herself a capable sailor […]

Lazy vacation, Donna Lange and Earthrace

My posts have gone 100% personal as about all I’m thinking about is heading to the beach, lazing around waiting to fix dinner and visiting with my mother and father-in-law. We’re having a wonderful time of relaxation and rejuvenation. I did receive a note that Donna Lange is becalmed and running under Iron Genny in […]

Donna Lange: Keepin’ On

After taking a respite in the Virgin Islands (see Google Earth plots and logs), solo circumnavigating grandmother Donna Lange is back at sea and heading north. She is continuing her journey home to Bristol, Rhode Island in hopes of making it by April 21st, depending on wind and sea. She and her small sailboat have […]

The Virgin Islands welcome Donna Lange

Although I’ve written before about solo sailing nightingale Donna Lange and her impressive skills as a sailor and musician, I wanted to update that today she is navigating through the Virgin Islands — a detour from her original ‘direct to Rhode Island’ course. Perhaps later today, or early Thursday, she will be setting the hook […]

Donna Lange: detouring to St. Thomas

For those of you keeping up with circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange (plots/log daily on right sidebar), she has had stronger than expected winds … along with larger seas. Her little 28 foot boat continues to pound it way along, logging well over 100 nautical miles each day. (116 nm yesterday) This speed puts her several […]

Donna Lange crosses the equator

Donna Lange, circumnavigating solo sailor, has hit two milestones this week. First she crossed her outbound track, which legitimately means she has rounded the world in her 28 foot sailboat, and second, in today’s news … she crossed the equator again … going north this time. She posts to her log daily and the updates […]

Donna Lange: position plots by day

I’ve been posting Donna Lange updates into Google Earth since she started her solo sail toward Rhode Island from Cape Horn. If you are interested in seeing her progress, visit the Google Earth Community forum and look for Donna Lange in the Current Events section. (debated if it should go in a different section but […]

Donna Lange: a break from heavy weather

I feel fortunate to be communicating daily with Donna Lange and I enjoy including posts about her … and from her … on my blog as she sails her way NNW heading for home. Although home is a long way off, about 6200 nautical miles, from her log and emails I can tell that it […]

Donna Lange: facing strong winds & big waves

Yet another update from Donna Lange; she has encountered a significant amount of heavy weather. I received and update this morning on her condition (which is upbeat) and that her 28 foot Southern Cross sailboat is handling the 40 and 50 knot winds being dished out in the southern Atlantic. Thanks to her sailing and […]

Donna Lange: Gale winds and Waves

Updating the progress from Donna Lange’s online log … per request. 1024UTC 0724local 0430NY 2324NZ Feb 2,2007 Friday Good Morn hugs!! It is Warming!! 55*f this morn. position: 47*41’S 50*33’W winds: w 30+kn sp: 5kn COG: 042 Seas: 10′ point of sail: broad reach sails: 1/3jib miles sailed: 130nm! miles to go: 6749nm to RI […]

Donna Lange: East of the Fauklands

I have a few extra minutes over lunch today so I’ll add a second post. Several of you have emailed me asking how Donna Lange is doing after setting sail again and I thought I would update that she is cold, but otherwise fine. Yesterday she had several equipment repairs to make perhaps by a […]

Donna Lange: Back to sea on Friday

After several days ashore at the tip of Argentina, Donna Lange is back at sea and continuing her solo sail north continuing her around the world voyage towards home. (see previous posts) Her Friday log indicated that getting back ‘out’ to sea is challenging — especially having to maintain a constant hand on the helm. […]

Where in the world is Donna Lange?

I’ve posted before about solo circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange and will update that she is doing just fine after rounding Cape Horn. She seems to be enjoying the time socializing and exploring new places at the bottom tip of South America. (photo to right was taken in a different latitude) 🙂 On her ‘to do […]

Donna Lange “Rounding the Horn” recap

Here a ‘raw’ post from Donna Lange (solo sailing around the world); she has updated shortly after completing her rounding of Cape Horn at the tip of South America. Monday Good Morning HUGS!!!!! Oh my Goodness.!!! how do I begin. iam safe and sound in Puerto Williams, met by Jonathan Selby and his family and […]

Donna Lange: World voyager & talented musician

In a post a couple of days ago I mentioned solo sailor, singer and songwriter Donna Lange and commented that I would see if I could get permission to share some of her music. I’ll include a couple cuts to the right sidebar under the heading “What I’m listening to,” with the caveat that if […]

Solo sailors Ken Barnes and Donna Lange

I’m following up yesterday’s (1/5/2007) post about the California sailor Ken Barnes partially because the news media has picked up the story and and partially because of my sailing passion. In my opinion, this notoriety due to the family going public has been helpful in his rescue and the attention being paid to getting him […]

Glancing through my August 2007 issue of Cruising World magazine, I recognized the “Shoreline” photo as solo-circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange. Long time readers will recall the many posts made in my blog and might enjoy seeing one last photo celebrating as she heads into her home port of call, Bristol Rhode Island. (larger image) The […]

Latest WordPress upgrade to 3.6 and plug in changes

It has been a few years since the automatic update from failed on my server … and only after the fact did I regret not doing a full backup prior to attempting the update (really, I’m posting just to see that all is working after the upgrade). After downloading the new install files and […]

Concern for 16 year old solo sailor Abby Sunderland

I’ve posted a couple of times on circumnavigators and in particular a couple solo sailors that are female. I followed and shared emails with Donna Lange a few years ago as she rounded the globe and have recently posted on Jessica Watson (Australian teen) who completed her circumnavigation and 16 year old Abby Sunderland of the […]

The Columbia River Experience

Keel Brightman, the son of a friend of mine (Donna Lange’s) is participating in an adventure of a lifetime this spring in the Pacific Northwest. He is part of a small group who has started in British Columbia, Canada this March and is hoping to paddle the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. The team […]

Moe Witschard Photography, Bozeman, Montana

Oh I know there are plenty of great photographers and gorgeous portfolio sites available on the Internet, but Moe Witschard’s work impressed me enough to mention him. I’m planning on in including a print in my office someday … but which one? Big Timber Falls in Montana Donna Lange sent me a few photos of […]

Just go sailing -if you can get off the beach

Saw this video clip and am using it to to fill in a ‘non-posting’ day. Also … solo circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange should be getting into Bristol, Rhode Island sometime late on Wednesday night … if the winds hold. (she is engine-less)

Earthrace circumnavigating on biodiesel

Earthrace, a unique 78 foot biodiesel powered wave-piercing trimaran, is at the starting line in Port Charles, Barbados. The sponsored project is looking to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat, and intend to do it on renewable fuel. The team is skippered by 41 year old New Zealander Pete Bethune, […]

“What I’m Listening” to sidebar item

I promise not to go overboard in highlighting podcasts or music in my sidebar, but wanted to point out that I’ll be including new audio mp3 clips in the right hand sidebar. The current listenings include Slate’s Paul Boutin’s review of Windows Vista, an EVWorld interview with Representative Roscoe Bartlett on energy (thanks Mike) and […]

Solo sailor Ken Barnes is rescued

UPDATE: Just before 6AM EST the fishing trawler Polar Pesca 1 rescued Ken Barnes. (FoxNews Alert Quicktime link) — Ken Barnes is a 47 years old from Southern California single handed sailor who was heading for Round Cape Horn in his 44 foot ketch Privateer. A wicked storm has battered his yacht, de-masting both masts, […]

We Will Always Remember – 9/11/2001 8:46 AM

List of World Trade Center Victims (not including plane crews or passengers) Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr. Edelmiro Abad Maria Rose Abad Andrew Anthony Abate Vincent Abate Laurence Christopher Abel William F. Abrahamson Richard Anthony Aceto Jesus Acevedo Rescand Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann Paul Acquaviva Donald LaRoy Adams Patrick Adams Shannon Lewis Adams Stephen George Adams Ignatius […]

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