Has your identity been compromised?

Posted By on January 25, 2007

Good News
I was hesitant about a site designed to cross reference known stolen ids with personal private information after a friend sent me a StolenIDsearch link, but thankfully he include a Dark Reading article that eased my concern. After reading it, I felt a little less skeptical and as you probably guessed just could help myself. So I plugged in my social security number and … Whew … thankfully I’m still OK according to this quick check. Hopefully those of you brave enough to trust this service will be fine too?

According to a study by Javelin Group, a research firm, identity theft victims typically don’t discover their information has been stolen until 12 months after a thief first used it. But there is an advantage to finding out quickly, the research firm says. Victims who detected the crime by monitoring their accounts online had average loses of $551; victims who relied on monitoring paper statements had average loses of $4,543.


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