DriveSync Vehicle monitoring

Posted By on February 17, 2007

Drive SyncSimilar to Big Brother utilizing traffic light cameras to photograph and ticket cars going through red lights, here’s another item which is a little more personal. Big Mother … I mean … DriveSync monitors “your car’s” driving habits, or depending who “you know” is behind the wheel … the driver’s habits. Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. has a $300 product being sold at that can be installed on most vehicles to monitor fleet or family vehicles by GPS recordings. The “non-real time” data is saved on a USB thumb-drive and is removed from the vehicle and uploaded to a secure Internet portal using propriatary software provided by DriveSync. The data is processed into route maps and driving trends and made available on a secure web portal. According to the company, exact data is not plotted, but driving trends and patterns create an overall picture of how the vehicle is used. I won’t be surprised if insurance companies start to offer discounts for those drivers submitting their online logs? I’m sure this is a gift every driving teenager will be asking for … along with Sprint Family Locator cell phone tracking.


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