Volkswagen Polo hinted for the US market

| February 2, 2007

Volkswagen of America, Inc. may import the VW Polo to the United States around 2010. It will compete head to head with the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and Smart. eGMCarTech predicts that the gasoline version will probably come first and and possibly be followed by the BlueMotion three cylinder 1.4 liter direct injection turbodiesel. Polo […]

Daniel Tammet interviewed on 60 Minutes

| February 2, 2007

Last month I included a blog post on an autobiographical book by Daniel Tammet; he is a unique 27 year old Autistic Savant living in England. (Born on a Blue Day) He seems to have a normal functioning personality and understands the curiosity people have with his unique talents. Most who here him have an […]

Donna Lange: Gale winds and Waves

| February 2, 2007

Updating the progress from Donna Lange’s online log … per request. 1024UTC 0724local 0430NY 2324NZ Feb 2,2007 Friday Good Morn hugs!! It is Warming!! 55*f this morn. position: 47*41’S 50*33’W winds: w 30+kn sp: 5kn COG: 042 Seas: 10′ point of sail: broad reach sails: 1/3jib miles sailed: 130nm! miles to go: 6749nm to RI […]

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