Asteroid Apophis: A risk to earth?

Posted By on February 19, 2007

Hmm … haven’t we seen this before? A movie perhaps — “Armageddon?” According to a group of scientists that met this past weekend in San Francisco, an asteroid (Apophis) will pass uncomfortably close to the earth in 2029. Then only 7 years later will be even closer with the potential for impact. asteroidThe probability of impact is low, but even passing close to the asteroid could pose risk. Astronaut Dr. Dan Berry commented that “Even if the probability is low of an asteroid hitting earth if it has the potential to have a significant impact then it has to be looked at. It is an absolutely responsible thing to do. In fact, it would irresponsible not to do so.” Some scientists recommend launching a large satellite to rendezvous with an asteroid and believe that the mass of the satellite alone could produce a gravitational pull to change the asteroid’s course. Others believe crashing a craft into the asteroid in hopes that deflecting well in advance could deflect it enough to avoid impact. (see National Geographic article)


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